Butterfly Wonderland

Scottsdale is also called the best destination for Spa and golf, but its wealth of tourist attractions indicates that there is far more to Scottsdale than simply Golf and Spa. In fact, whether you’re into history, vehicles, nature, animals, or simply good old-fashioned adventure, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits you in this city.

One of our picks for the simplest and fun things to do or places to visit in Scottsdale, Arizona is the Butterfly Wonderland. When it involves Scottsdale attractions, you can’t mention spots without mentioning one of its most famous activities: Butterfly Wonderland.

The beauty of the Butterfly Wonderland

This casual location incorporates the center of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Scottsdale, Arizona. America’s largest butterfly conservatory.

At the Butterfly Wonderland, you’ll see its pride and joy: an excellent, beautiful glass atrium that is a tropical rainforest habitat for all styles of butterflies, numbering within the thousands, from across the planet! At the Butterfly Wonderland, these butterflies freely fly around and you can be lucky to even have one land on your arm or head.

Marvel at interactive exhibits about all types of insects, be wowed by the metamorphosis process happening in the Butterfly Emergence Gallery, and visitors can snap photographs of the gorgeous fluttering butterflies!

Other stuff you can enjoy at Butterfly Wonderland are the academic 3D movie “Flight of the Butterflies”, laboratories that host community workshops, programs, nature, and, of course, a beautiful cafe with tasty refreshments.

You can also stop by the stores around to get beautiful souvenirs, or visit one of the buildings beside the Butterfly Wonderland which is the OdySea attraction. Yes, the Butterfly Wonderland is just a walk away from OdySea Aquarium.

Why you must Go to the Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland successfully created a tropical rainforest within the middle of the Arizona terrain and houses thousands of butterflies. The variety of exhibits are interactive, butterflies, rainforest reptiles and other insects are available for sightseeing at the conservatory.

What To Do at the Butterfly Wonderland

In summary, at the Butterfly Wonderland, there's a short 3D film about the annual migration of monarch butterflies and this is where your tour begins. It's an interesting film to watch because the film involves life at the Butterfly Emergence Gallery, where a cocoon amazingly transforms into a butterfly. Follow this newly transformed butterfly to a conservatory spot that's filled with wonders.
Butterfly Wonderland
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