Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale

While the name Scottsdale is commonly related to warm weather and golfing, the town has an assortment of things to try and do. Scottsdale prides itself on its natural areas and humanities scene. But that's not all Scottsdale has to offer! Looking for stuff to try on your sweet tooth? Or sugar craving? You can have it all in Scottsdale. Other than golf, spa, museum, and shopping Scottsdale has a big chocolate attraction ever. If you haven't been here, then you should plan a trip to visit the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale for an unforgettable experience.

You’ll love the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale!

All about the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale

The Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is situated at 7051 E 5th Ave J, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, U.S. This guided walking tour is one of this Arizona city’s most fun activities, especially if you can’t resist a treat or two.

On the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, you’ll be introduced to the most fun chocolate attractions within the downtown part of Scottsdale. With six different chocolatiers and bakeries which are part of the tour, all offering delicatessen chocolates that are absolute to wow your tastebuds.

Other than this, cupcakes, truffles, ice cream, hot chocolates, and more are all awaiting you on this tour, you can taste, and taste and taste. And if you can’t finish them, bangs are available for visitors to take their goodies with you. It’s not just all eating on the Chocolate Tour – there’s some education, too!

You’ll get to learn about how each item is created after meeting with the owners and manufacturers behind these tasty treats.

Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is owned by a chocolate-loving Scottsdale local, Gwendolyn McKay, who knows Old Town’s best chocolate spots.

Why you must go to the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale

It's an unforgettable experience. Are you a sweet tooth? Remedy that with Scottsdale’s Chocolate Tour. Get to grasp the city’s best chocolates, love, and see chocolates of various tastes and forms.

What To Do

Embark on a two-mile walking tour around Old Town together with your chocoholic guide and stop by famous stores like Godiva Chocolatier and Chocolade van Brugge.

At each stop, you get to receive a taste of the truffles, cupcakes, bonbons, muffins, chocolate drinks, and lots of other delectable chocolate treats that the chocolatiers offer.

If you visit Scottsdale without visiting the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, then you are missing out! 

Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale
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