DC Ranch

DC Ranch

The DC Ranch is a community situated adjacent to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in North Scottsdale. Arizona. The community was developed in partnership with the Marley-Corrigan Family as a living legacy to preserve the beauty, originality, and heritage of the Sonoran Desert. It spans 44,000 acres of 4 villages, 25 neighborhoods, 2800 homes, and about 7,000 people living in them. The land on which the ranch sits was bought just at the turn of the century by E.O. Brown, an entrepreneur, in 1901 and he lived with his family there close to a perpetual spring which he eventually bought and still produces water for the community till today. He and his friend made the land into a successful ranch that lasted for almost a hundred years. Over the years portions of the land were bought and used in building housing development that is purposely planned out to reflect the desert’s beauty with structures built with native stones, flowering desert plants, and the 57-square mile McDowell Sonoran Preserve which is the largest urban land preserve in the US as it covers one-third Scottsdale.  
Over half of the community land is also protected forever. DC Ranch was specially crafted to connect people who enter the community with the beauty of the natural Sonoran Desert while promoting a sense of community in relationships and common interests, embracing diversity and inclusivity in the community that includes people of different cultures, heritages, ancestry, religious beliefs, and interests. Living in or visiting DC Ranch is fun with lots of interesting celebrations and activities such as:

- Eggstravaganza

This is a traditional celebration where kids get baskets ready to enjoy an egg hunt and also different games.

- Spooky Carnival

This is a Halloween-themed carnival night of dressing in spooky costumes with children tricking or treating for candies.

- DC Ranch Day

DC Ranch Day is a festive community-wide celebration of the heritage and beauty of DC Ranch that features barbecue, beer, and games throughout the community. 
DC Ranch community also has various activities groups that include art class, social bridge club, pickleball club, canasta club, grape nuts wine club, book club, women’s club, men’s club, fitness class, yoga class, swim team in the summer, and more for different age groups.

These activities and celebrations are used to create bonds and strengthen relationships in the community for residents and visitors to be comfortable with each other.  

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