Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

 Are you a first-time visitor or do you get to visit Scottsdale regularly? there are some quintessential Scottsdale experiences no one should miss. So, from our wide-open expanses of the breathtaking Sonoran Desert to the quaint streets of Old Town – and everywhere in between – there are much more than a spa, golf, and food in Scottsdale: the museums.

Scottsdale city's best museums offer a deep glimpse into a world of history, imagination, and creation. One amongst the city's shining spots of innovation and creativity is the SMoCA, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. SMoCA is one of the country's leading venues dedicated to innovative art, regularly hosting a number of the country's leading contemporary artists. A relatively small museum in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona.

Located at 7374 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 not quite far from Old Town in the area of the Civic Center Mall, Art aficionados can enjoy the four galleries filled with design, art, and architecture. The museum is called by residents by the acronym of SMoCA. SMoCA is an inspired renovation, of an old cinema by architect Will Bruder, who celebrates the trendy art, architecture, and style of our time through thought-provoking, changing exhibitions. The museum is also home to Knight Rise, a public “skyspace” by acclaimed artist James Turrell (one of only a few within the world!).

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art has a carefully curated, stunning collection of a number of the South West’s brightest and most-known modern artists. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary offers contemporary, modern and eclectic, views of various paintings, murals, sculptures, fabric art, and more. All artwork at the Museum provides a thought-engaging visual for visitors to delve into.

The museum is known for being noticeably in contact with current trends in design and elegance, so visitors can get art and architectural influences of the latest trend.

Finally, there also are classes, art programs, workshops, presentations, tours, and lectures that provide educational experiences for people of all ages. These educational events aren’t just confined to art, either – literature, music, literature, and more are often covered!

Exhibits at the Museum rotate regularly throughout the year, so there’s always something new regardless of the period.

If you’ve been here before, why not head over to Scottsdale again this weekend anyway?

You never know – it could feel completely brand new this time! Scottsdale never stops wowing its visitors.  

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art 
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