Taliesin West

When you think about Scottsdale, you think of Golf and spa resorts where you can enjoy quality time and perhaps a massage, right?

Neighboring Phoenix, Scottsdale has long drawn a crowd with refined tastes to enjoy those fantastic fairways and splurge-worthy spas. But this is not all! You can never know right until you spend a weekend in Scottsdale. There is more to Scottsdale than that. It’s a simple and straightforward flight from most geographic region cities to Scottsdale – it’s two hours or less from Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, or L.A. Come and enjoy all Scottsdale has to offer.

About Taliesin West

Established in 1937, Taliesin West served as world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and desert laboratory and today is the headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and therefore the School of Architecture. Students transitioning between Taliesin in Wisconsin and Taliesin West in Scottsdale, spending summers within the north and winters within the south, is just amazing (this has been going on for many years).

Taliesin West gives a fascinating insight into the genius of its famous architect. The buildings have seen ongoing changes and restored to their former look and feel. In an architecture school, you'll see students hard at work on their drafting tables if you visit during the winter. The tours occur inside and out of doors.

At the Taliesin West, tours are mandatory and you can even visit around with the help of guides telling the story of its positioning and also providing interesting insights without overwhelming you with details. At Taliesin West, you'll get to learn about the concepts the architect employed and also gain a far better understanding of what you're seeing on the tour.

Why you must visit Taliesin West

If you were amazed at the actual fact that it was in the 1920s that Fallingwater was planned, designed, and constructed, then you'll be even more astounded at architect’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. This architectural feat celebrates Arizona’s natural beauty, particularly its desert. It a must-go place in Scottsdale.

What To Do

Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter house currently offers guided tours daily, all year round for interested visitors. During this tour, you get to go to Wright’s bedroom, garden room, lounge, drafting studio, music pavilion, and many more.

If you wish to explore Taliesin West at your own pace, an interactive self-guided tour is additionally available

Taliesin West
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