OdySea Aquarium

Whether you are in town for the weekend or in transit and have some time for yourself, catch a quick cab to 9500 East Vía de Ventura Suite A-100, Scottsdale, AZ 85256. 

Located in Scottsdale, OdySea Aquarium is one of a kind, it is the most important aquarium in Arizona and was recently voted Best Indoor Entertainment. It's home to a 200,000-square-foot aquarium holding over 2 million gallons of water opened in 2016 in a desert part of Arizona.

About the OdySea Aquarium

The OdySea Aquarium often allows thousands of individuals daily, and its two floors hold numerous options for what to try and what to see, and what to do around.

Each trip typically begins with Underwater Giants, a ten-minute “movie” made especially for the aquarium, mainly discussing whale sharks and humpback whales. Afterward, one can then continue testing out all the amazing marine creatures from the various rivers, seas, and oceans of the world that one can find at this aquarium.

Things you will see at the Aquarium

Ecosystems range from lakes to coral reefs and from deep oceans to rivers, encompassing both saltwater and freshwater habitats. Among the draws of the aquarium are its huge globe-like enclosures that hang from the ceiling, where fish swim happily above your heads. There is also the Tide Touch Pool, which helps visitors to directly touch and interact with tide pool habitat creatures like sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea snails, and hermit crabs.

The Living Sea is a viewing gallery for various marine habitats, with the occasional diver swimming by. Sharks, clownfish, octopi, otters, penguins, seahorses, jellyfish, and more are all waiting to be seen.

OdySea Aquarium also incorporates a big selection of daily events such as Q&A sessions, feedings, caretaker interactions which are all common parts of the itinerary.

And to top it up, visitors can experience a real lighthouse shop where they can get the best souvenirs they'd like to take with them!

And the fact that the OdySea Aquarium is situated in a dry, desert region of Scottsdale, Arizona makes it even more attractive to tourists!

Why you must Go

Featuring quite 65 exhibits, 370 species, and also the world’s only revolving aquarium experience, OdySea boasts 13 different attractions, each featuring unique themes and activities.

What To Do

OdySea enables you to immerse yourself within the world of the ocean and wildlife conservation, swim with gentle aquatic creatures, pet these animals, journey on an escalator through an aquarium tunnel, and see the mysteries of the deep through many other activities
OdySea Aquarium
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