Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale is a beautiful and unique city in Arizona. Rich in history, museums, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, Scottsdale is one of tourists darling. Part of the things that makes Scottsdale a unique city is the Old Town Scottsdale. Let's dig in!

A brief about the Old Town Scottsdale

Termed one of the highest travel destinations, Old Town Scottsdale, also called the Fifth Avenue Shops, is nothing but a hub perfect for immersing yourself within the history of the Arizona city.

Located downtown, the Old Town Scottsdale is situated at the intersection of East Main Street and North Scottsdale Road, one can find the Civic Center Mall and several Public squares around. Its neighborhood is packed with galleries, restaurants, shops, souvenir stores, including the famous LOVE sculpture, and also the Scottsdale Museum of latest Art, and weird locations to peruse. Old Town Scottsdale, a lively and fun area, is perfect for spending a day or an evening. Vibrant, and running deep with culture, it’s one in every of the city’s top 10 spots for any tourist coming to the city.

What to do in Old Town Scottsdale

The area of this historic Old Town is well walkable. Covered sidewalks line the front of western-themed buildings and interesting shops selling all manner of things, from Mexican blankets, clothing, and trinkets to Native American art, crafts, and jewelry. additionally, high-end galleries feature the works of world-famous artists. Also, this old-fashioned attractions city features the Rusty Spur Saloon, Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shop, and the microscopic Red Schoolhouse.

 Seasonally, one can find different attractions activities in this old town Scottsdale such as the farmer’s market, samples of craft beer and wine, and modern art displays.

On Thursday nights, the Old Town hosts Scottsdale Artwalk, when galleries host a party for the general public. Other events are always going down during the Old town Scottsdale. For a glance at what's coming up this season, see the Experience Scottsdale events calendar https://www.experiencescottsdale.com/events

Why You Should Visit

Modernity and also the Wild West meet in Old Town Scottsdale. While the town has seen growth and expansion through the years, Old Town’s significance because the heart of entertainment, tourism, and history lives on, making it the highest of all the places to go to in Scottsdale.

It may take you many days just to completely experience the Old Town, from its boutiques, souvenir shops, and spas to its restaurants, museums, and even resorts, but this worth the course.

A visit to Old Town Scottsdale will help you create unique memorable moments.  

Old Town Scottsdale
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